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Kira and her rag tag team are at it again. In a race against time and Hell, it remains to be seen who will come out the victor. The race for the second key piece is in full swing. Add a new virus that is affecting the Were animal kingdom and you have a recipe for disaster.

Will Kira and her team be able to end the virus and get to the key piece in time or will the world become Hell’s domain? Will loss and heartbreak destroy the team or will good prevail even over a broken heart?

In the end everything decays, but does it have to is the real question only Kira and her team can find the answer to.

Pandora’s Hell

Enter into a world where supernaturals are the human races last hope. Hell has escaped its prison early and is devastating the world. The humans are useless to help themselves and all could be lost if the gates of Hell are not slammed shut. That’s where my team comes in. I am Kira Gaetano and my team may be the world’s last hope for survival. We fight the big bad nightmares and are racing against the clock to stop Hell from taking over the world. The only question I have is can we do it?……


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